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I havent updated in a while, so here i go.


Yah that was gay.

So you ever randomly stop and think about someone you havent seen in a long time,and the more you think about them the more you miss them? Sucks.
My father got the paving machine to complete his little arsenal of construction machines and vehicles. So that means he is going into buisness soon and yours truly will be the first employee. I am gonna get paid 18 under the table,and continue to collect unemployment...yeah I am a rebel.....A rebel that will be making like 750 bucks a week! hahhahahha....Fuck you Government!!!

Other than that my life has been slowly moving along,with little excitment during the week,and lots of blurry memories on the weekends.

Charly,gimme a call ok? If you can. I feel so bad I missed your last call. I was trying to avoid my Mom and you called in with a blocked number 2 minutes after she called and I thought you were her trying to trick me....my bad. Call me!!! it'd bc cool to hear your voice ::0).
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