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[ What an update ]

This is a shameless pimping of my new community, theendzone..Its a Football sports reporting community...Go there and join if you wanna talk football or be an editor for a team (cept for the Pats,me and Jon already snatched up the responsibilities).

Happy Deathday!
Your name:dielusionz
You will die on:Wednesday, March 3, 2021
You will die of:Skin Cancer
Created by Quill

Happy Deathday!
You will die on:Wednesday, July 1, 2037
You will die of:Sexually Transmitted Disease
Created by Quill

Great....Skin Cancer....funny how I die of a sexually transmitted disease if I capitalize my name.
This coming weekend should be a blast...Big party in Franklin at James' uncles house...His house is pimpin'....swimming pool,big yard,so much beer...damn I am gonna drown I know it....I have a chance to go to the summer sanitarium tour,but I dont have the 85 bucks to go...Or let me rephrase that, I have the money,but shouldnt spend it on myself,I owe too many bills and to much money to other people that I would look like a dick if I went. Tell ya one thing tho, at one point in my life I let someone dictate who I hung out with...Now the same thing is happening to me,someone is dictating who can hang with me and it sucks...Sorry to anyone who was left in the dust when I let that happen to them,especially Charly,I know how it feels now and it sucks...Me sorry :0)...Ok, gotta go...PEACE.
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