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I'm touching it,
But I don't feel it.
I'm looking at it,
but I can't see it.
So many things,
seem so distant
Its like the feeling of being up close,
but being a thousand miles away.
It's getting to me,
this transparent situation...
Seeing right through things,
and seeing how fake and empty they are.
I wish I wasn't so clairvoyent,
I wish I was more....real.
Take all the feelings you feel in a second.
A minute.
An hour.
A day.
A week.
A month.
A year.
A lifetime.
An eternity.
Imagine you couldn't feel them.
Think of what you would be.
Imagine they all never existed.
They were figments of a tired and uninspired imagination.
What would you do then?
What would I do then?

It's been a while..
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