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Being sick sucks....Thank god I am pretty much over it.....I went and saw T3 yesterday,It was so good....definitely one of the best movies so far this summer. I had to ass out on the cookout and Summer Sanitarium because I was so sick....kinda blew,and I miss out on Metallica,but I will see them someday...I must see them before I die,and since that could be soon,I must see them....er,soon

I saw The Hulk a few weeks ago,that was cool too....Now that I think of it there has been some pretty good movies out lately....real good movies.I wanna see The League Of Extrodinary Gentleman also, that looks cool with Dr.Jekkyl,The invisible man,Dracula's wife,etc..Plus Sean Connery is the man.

Once again it is a miracle that I have an A.C..... It's a life saver...The best part is that I can keep my windows shut and keep that horrid freshly cut grass smell outta my room,you know,the smell that causes me so much shit? Makes me sick and destroys my allergies? Yah,allergies blow....don't get em'.

aaaaaaaand.....I'm out.
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