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[ Future Imperfect ]

Control with a sense animosity,
Human nature working towards the ultimate destruction,
Flesh and steel,blood and oil,
Combining as one for the greater cause,
Puncture the surface,
Feel the pressure,
Skin breaks,
Steel wins.

Close yourself from fear,
Learn to be unafraid,
Take your children to a safer place,
Take them home,
Give them back to god,
Give them recluse from this war.

Be,be born,
Breathe,walk,and live,
Take,take what you need,
Survive,learn,and cry,
Accept,accept the world,
famine,fear and death.
Bleed,bleed for me
The war,the cause,
Bleed for the feeling

Bleed or die.

The world you know is dead,
Don't try to pry the nails from your hands,
The pictures have been taken,
The books have been written,
It is over,the war is over,
Brainwaves and emotion are gone.
A.I. is the new god.

You are property....you are an expendible being.
You have an owner...Steel,wire,oil,and processors.
Machines own the day.....Machines own you.

Reflections in the skies.
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