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[ Long overdue update ]

It has been waaaay too long since i updated this thing....I havent had much time or energy to mess with LiveJournal,but here goes....Hmm, Charly is back, and thats a good thing. She is doing awesome and is safe and sound. Huge party for her on Saturday if everyone didnt know.Ummm...I still dont have a steady job, but I am still collecting unemployment,but thats okay. I am DEFINITELY going to school as soon as i have no debt left,then I hopefully wont have to worry about debt period. I have a swimfan.....she im's me, calls me, bugs the hell outta me... I cant sign on and leave an away message up without getting 28 im's from her...The messed up thing is she is married...Hate to be that guy,not meeting your wifes needs...She sent me porn videos of herself playing with her genitals and teeets...okay, thats cool...hahah...but still,move on lady,you are married. My sister is getting married, which is cool. I never thought i would be excited about it,but I am. Joe is an awesome guy and treats her and Nathan well. I wish them the best. Dave is in a band again,which is cool. We saw them at Bills Bar in Boston last week. They did good,but its not Dave's type of band. I can tell he wants to just wail on the drums but the music the band plays is too slow and soft for his needs. But you know,playing is playing right? Paula and I barely talk anymore,I wanted to be friends but she is making it impossible by not EVER being allowed by her new BF to see me....Exactly what I said was gonna happen,but oh well.She denied it would be like this,so I guess she is a liar....or just confused...but either way, its waaay over and nothing can change that...Sometimes I get the feeling that if I didnt owe her some money she wouldnt even call me. Granted I dont really call her, but why should I? Its too painful sometimes....It wasnt fair what happened,what I said about what I felt and what I promised was just shrugged off because someone else better than me came along...Horseshit...Anyways,thats about it, I will try and update more ofetn but I cant promise I will....Lata
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